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The need for giving emphasis on the Skill Development, especially for the less educated, poor youth has been highlighted in various forums. The skill level and educational attainment of the work force determines the productivity, income levels as well as the adaptability of the working class in changing environment. Large percentage of population in India is living below poverty line. One of the important causes is lower percentage of skilled persons in the workforce. If the country can create a system of certification which not only recognizes their skills but also provides education and training in a mode that suits their economic compulsions, it will not only benefit the workforce to earn a decent living but also contribute to the national economy by better productivity of this workforce. Now the Government of India has taken the revolutionary decision to spread technology based industry oriented practical education through community college scheme.

To fulfill this target, as a Community College, we are now introduced two courses for the betterment of local community of Rajarhat-Gopalpur and its surrounding areas. They are as follows:

Web Designing and Development Course:

Computer literacy plays an increasingly important role to people’s lives and to socioeconomic development. Computer is a technology that has emerged, and globally been adopted quickly. It is important that computer literacy and education be part of the curriculum for students in all parts of the world, in order to bridge the digital divide. Information and communication technologies have grown increasingly, universally, powerfully and adaptable. They change the world we live in and how we learn to live. The young generation is therefore, entering a changing technology-oriented and knowledge-based global economy and society in which national economics are becoming more globalised, with an increasing flow of information, technologies, products, capital and people between nations. A computer as one of the ICTs has emerged and globally been adopted quickly. Therefore, computer literacy need no longer be a privilege of people, who are educated and can moreover, afford to access computer at home or at their work place. Knowing how to use a computer, especially a personal computer, is a basic skill necessary to succeed in business and function effectively in society.

In this context our college is introducing the course for the betterment of the students and surrounding community.

  • This course will help the students to understand the basic terminologies, structure, and background of the Computer system.
  • Develop basic concepts of PC Computer Software
  • Introduction to Basic network technologies
  • Introduction to basic Webpage Design
  • Development of basic need of Security Program
  • Advanced web designing and software development
  • Introduction to Photoshop and associate software
  • Best Coding Practice & Documentation
  • Communication skills development

Web Designing

Photography and Video Production Course:

With the advancement of digital technologies, video and photo production businesses have both undergone revolutionary changes. Professional video production personnel and photographers are extensively making use of software techniques and digital equipment to achieve results that are not possible with traditional analogue methods.

It is without doubt that digitalization can bring about cost-effectiveness, and time savings as well as new challenges and opportunities to production professionals. The main aim of the programme is to enable students to acquire knowledge and understanding, and develop personal attributes and master essential technical and transferable skills to enable them work in commercial and fine art photography, or other related areas. The programme will also help to expand their experiences and outlook in relation to the world of art and creativity.

The main focuses of the course are:

  • Basics of Visual Communication
  • Transition from Analogue to Digital
  • Developing Personality and Communication Skill
  • Creative Writing & Creativity development in Still Photography
  • Motion Pictures, Multimedia Storytelling and Cartoons, Comics and Animation
  • Digital Photography & Videography – Process and Methods
  • Design and Post-Production in Photography and Video Production
  • Videography and Photography in Mass Communication
  • Career Planning and Starting Your Own Business